Restaurants donate food. Volunteers donate time. LogTrade donates digital tools. The result is a user-friendly, contact-free, and scalable delivery solution.

To help people in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anna Bremberg and Jennifer Zacke founded Trygga Händer. Their non-profit provides a secure digital platform where volunteers are matched with delivery missions posted by members of risk groups.

Bremberg and Zacke are students at Handelshögskolan in Stockholm and Tekniska Högskolan in Lund. Once risk groups were advised to stay home, they quickly recognized the need for a secure matchmaking service.

The tests went smoothly, as both volunteers and recipients experienced the tools to be extremly user-friendly…

– Unlike Facebook groups that attempted to solve the same problem by rallying the community in a less formal way, we decided to focus on volunteer screening via the Swedish social security number system.


Based on the need for a more systematic approach to support volunteers in taking on more deliveries, Trygga Händer decided to test the beta versions of the open carrier platform Myrstack, combined with LogTrade Stickit & Shipit – a crisis support solution offered by LogTrade.

The test was run in collaboration with Restauranglabbet in Stockholm, which donated lunch boxes to be delivered to people in isolation. The results were overwhelmingly positive, as the apps supported all parties with swift and simple execution.

Trygga Händer can connect volunteers with people in need, and thanks to these tools, they can overcome the difficulties that logistics provides at a larger scale. Organizing deliveries has been the toughest nut to crack, says Jennifer Zacke. The next step will be to test the same tools in different scenarios.


  1. The restaurant packs a lunch box in a bag and marks it with a QR code sticker.
  2. The restaurant prompts pick-up using the LogTrade Stickit & Shipit app.
  3. Lunch boxes are published in Myrstack*
  4. Volunteers within proximity of the restaurant are notified of the pick-up request and can check destination details in the Myrstack app. The job can be accepted by any volunteer, in-app.
  5. The volunteer goes to the restaurant, scans the respective lunch box to confirm pick up and delivers. Delivery is confirmed via the app.

*The freemium version of LogTrade Stickit & Shipit is available in combination with Myrstack. The premium version includes a LogTrade license that supports many more carrier options.